streaming videos using red5 rtmp and the strobe player

Most of our customers who want to stream videos on their site already have their videos, in this case we prepare a rtmp with a link to a folder we create on the customer account (public_html).

The folder is normally called streams, the customer uploads his videos files in flv format to this folder.

After that we deploy the customized rtmp on the red5 server.
this rtmp can use for live broadcasts or to stream, at any time the customer can upload more videos or delete them.

Now it is time to prepare the player, we will use abobe strobe player and we can configure at:

if for example the name of the video file is onetest.flv
on the settings of the player we will add the rtmp plus the video file together:

now click preview and a code is generated, paste this code on any site and that’s it, you have a player and a video ready to be streamed.

on this site  you can also make a player for a live broadcast, using the same rtmp, but this time no video file in front, but the name of the stream which be anything as long as it is the same on the player and the one you use on the encoder.

then you would have to use the encoder, the best one is the one on our site:

enter the rtmp and the stream click connect and then choose your settings, start from lower and then increase until you find the settings with better results.
For more information visit, Streaming Video Hosting